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Disney Themed Running Shoe Training Calendar Bubble-free stickers

Get these fun Disney character themed running stickers to mark your runs on a wall calendar. The 5.5″ sheet has

Princess Challenge Training Sticker Sheet (Stickers)

If you are training for runDisney Princess Challenge , then get these great training stickers that match the Disney plan to add to your calendar or ours! Get ready for the Princess Half Marathon Challenge This is a sheet of permanent stickers on white vinyl. These fit the 24"x36" Training posters. Permanent labels are made of a durable vinyl material, but have a extra strong adhesive to hold them in place. Whether you are using them outdoors or indoors, this material will hold up great and will ensure your label design lasts. Permanent stickers are weather resistant, will last in the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, even the washing machine and dryer!